Advancement of education with focus on Adult Education in Villages

Without education can you have known that you can make a viable career out of helping people... Big chance are that you will say no. Education tells you how much you are entitled to earn by law, what are your rights, what are your options, what do you need to do in order to achieve them and from where you can get help. And these are just a few first things to name.

Having parents is bliss, having parents who are fairly educated can be bigger bliss. Someone who is there to guide you tell you your options and in general even if not all this but to just impress the importance of education on you.

Being educated you can know -

What is the fair price for your crop that season.

What minimum wages you are entitled to.

Programs, Policies government is running for your benefit.

Your rights.

Being educated ensures that you don't get cheated out of your basic rights and entitlements.

That you have many career options to choose from.

That you have better chance of progressing in your life.

That you have a better chance of helping your family improving their quality of life.

Education ensures that at least when you say "I do not know" to something you are in a position of rectifying that immediately.

It is all so more needed in India as India is a young democracy, rising power and a nation with more then a billion mouths to feed and need as many opportunities as it can get.

In today's global economy being educated and able to speak English means thousands of extra chances of employment and whole new world of opportunities.

Educated elder in family can pave the way for young ones and can improve the quality of life for family as whole specially so if it's a female in question.

Umeed Ek Asha works for education for Adults in rural parts of India. Considering it's importance it's a big field to work in and on but we are doing our bit. You can also help us by Volunteering (If it's applicable), telling more people about it and by donating to us. (If applicable donations to Umeed are 100% or 50% tax exemptible under Indian Income Tax section 88(c)). For more contact details and how you can donate to us please check our contact/donation page.