Family Counselling

Family counselling helps you to understand and cope better with the stresses and strains of family life. Families can be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within families are put under strain and family members feel isolated or overlooked. Family counselling can help when siblings aren't getting on, or when parents and children are going through a divorce or separation.

Every family member can expect to have a voice and be heard within family counselling. Relate family counsellors help everyone to say how they are feeling and then to work out their differences. Family counselling benefits the whole family by helping everyone to say how they are feeling. Family counselling can help reduce conflict which means fewer rows at home and can help everyone cope better with their situation.

Family therapy uses a range of counseling and other techniques including:

*Communication theory

*Media and communications psychology

*Psycho education

*Psycho therapy

*Relationship education

*Reality therapy

*Attachment-focused family therapy